COVID-19 Policies For Emory Home Spring Competitions

COVID-19 Policies For Emory Home Spring Competitions

Facility Access

Essential Personnel
The following individuals will have access to the facility (competition site, team benches). Each team must submit their travel party to the host school a minimum of 48-hours prior to the scheduled competition. If there are any changes to the travel party after being submitted, the visiting team needs to communicate that information to Michael Patrick as soon as possible.

Home and visiting team travel party

  •  Student-athletes
  •  Athletic Training and Medical Staff
  •  Equipment Managers
  •  Sports Information
  •  Sport Administrator/s

Emory University Athletic Department and University Staff

  •   Event and facility operations
  •   Sports Information staff
  •   Campus facilities/maintenance (as needed)
  •   Athletic department approved photographers, PA announcers
  •   Campus Administration
  •   Athletic Department Administration

Emergency Personnel (as needed)

  •    Police
  •    EMT

Game Officials

Non-Essential Personnel

There will be no public access to the competition. This includes but is not limited to the following individuals and groups:

  • Community members/fans
  • Prospective student-athletes and their families
  • Home or visiting team donors, alumni, former student-athletes
  • Families of home/away teams, athletic department coaches and staff
  • Sponsors or 3rd party vendors
  • Bands, cheerleaders/spirit squads
  • Media
  • Photographers (not designated in travel party or by Emory Sports Information)
  • Home or visiting team personnel (not designated as essential in travel party info)
  • Scouts

Online Event Coverage

Emory University will provide a live stream when possible on Live stats will also be provided for most sports. Live stats feeds can be found on each team's schedule page.

Face Coverings

All individuals and groups must wear an approved face coverings at all times while on campus. This does not include actively competing student-athletes and officials per NCAA guidelines. All masks be compliant with the campus face covering policy:

  • The face covering should fit snugly over the person's mouth and nose.
  •  Gaiters, bandanas, and any masks with valves are not permitted.
  • Face shields are permitted but must be worn in addition to a mask.
  • More details about Emory's COVID policies can be found here.

Physical Distancing

All individuals within the designated team areas must follow the physically distanced seating all times. Pre-competition and post-competition interaction that does not permit physical distancing (handshakes, hugs, etc.) between opposing student-athletes, coaches and staff is prohibited.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Housekeeping and operations staff will disinfect home and visiting team spaces and provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in each locker room and team bench.

Parking & Arrival

Event management will provide parking and arrival information to each visiting team prior to the competition relating to the specifics of each facility, sport, and other game day logistics.


Laundry services will not be provided.

Visiting Team Locker Rooms

There will be no locker access

Health Requirements

Emory University and its opponents are required to meet the NCAA recommendations for the Resocialization of Collegiate Sport. This includes, but is not limited to, testing and travel recommendations. The head coaches and/or administration of the opposing team must certify in writing prior to the scheduled contest that they will meet the NCAA recommendations referenced below .

  1. At least seventy-two hours before the Event, the host institution shall communicate all university and applicable state, local and institutional directives regarding social distancing, face coverings, and in-person gatherings, or other similar health requirements. Both parties agree to have their team party, including athletes, team personnel, and drivers (“Team Party”) comply with all such requirements. 
  2. All members of the Team Party must meet the NCAA Core Principles of Resocialization of College Sport guidelines for COVID-19 testing. 
  3. Each party must have a written procedure to evaluate members of the Team Party for COVID-19 symptoms while travelling and/or during competition. The parties shall share their written procedures in advance of travel to the Event site. 
  4. The hosting facility shall meet the criteria for Phase Three of the NCAA Core Principles of Resocialization of College Sport
  5. Provide certification to the other party of the following prior to the Event: 
    1. No member of the Team Party had a confirmed COVID-19 positive test within ten (10) days prior to the Event. 
    2. No member of the Team Party has been identified as a close contact of a person testing positive for COVID-19 in the fourteen (14) days prior to the Event. 
  6. If a member of the Team Party from either party becomes symptomatic or has a positive test for COVID-19 within 48 hours after the Event, the Director of Athletics or Head Athletic Trainer will communicate the identity of that individual to the other party’s Director of Athletics or Head Athletic Trainer. 

Sports Medicine

Each student-athlete should bring their own water bottle. There will be access to water.

Student-athletes needing services from the home athletic trainer must wear a mask at all times and provide a list of services needed prior to competition. We will do our best to accommodate but cannot guarantee anything other than emergency care.  

Any visiting student-athlete needing services will be seen in an alternate location and not in the main athletic training room. Visiting teams must adhere to capacity limits as stated by the Sports Medicine Staff.

For more information, please contact Assistant Athletic Director For Events and Marketing Michael Patrick at