Emory Athletics Hall of Fame

History and Purpose
The Emory Athletics Hall of Fame was established in 1989 by the Association of Emory Alumni and the Department of Athletics and Recreation. The Hall of Fame is designed to honor those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Emory athletics and have helped bring excellence and distinction to the University and its athletic program. The Hall of Fame illustrates that athletics and academics can mix successfully.

Eligibility and Criteria

Eligibility:   The nominee must be a graduate of Emory University and must have earned their bachelor’s degree at least ten (10) years prior to selection. 

Criteria:   The nominee must have been a significant contributor in one or more sports and must have demonstrated outstanding ability as measured by record setting performances, individual championships or All-Conference, All-Region, All-America or Olympic status.

Eligibility:  The nominee must have served Emory University as a coach, administrator, manager, trainer or any other capacity that served to make significant contributions to the athletic program. 

Criteria:  The nominee must have distinguished themselves through exemplary service and commitment to the Emory University athletic program.

Postgraduate Achievement
Eligibility:  The nominee must be a graduate of Emory University and must have earned their bachelor’s degree at least ten (10) years prior to selection. 

Criteria:  The nominee must have distinguished him/herself at the state, national or world level as a coach, athlete or national leader in sport.

Eligibility:  The nominee must have been removed from Emory University prior to 1985 and fall into one of the three standard categories. 

Criteria:  The Board of Directors recognizes that many outstanding athletes competed prior to the introduction of intercollegiate athletics at the University and, as such, one veteran will be eligible for induction in each class, and shall not count against the class’ total number.

A display honoring past inductees is maintained in the George W. Woodruff Physical Education Center on the Emory Campus. Plaques for inductees who made an impact on athletics at Oxford are also displayed in the Williams Gymnasium at Oxford College.


Emory Athletics Hall of Fame Inductees:

Andrew Fain Pinckney 05B
Samantha White 06C
Austin Claunch 12C
Michael Goodwin 09C
Christopher Halstead 05C
Dr. Michael Huey
Danielle LeSure 02C
Amelia E. McCall 12C

Vista Beasley 98C
Spiros Ferderigos 08C
Andrea Pawliczek 02C
Tom Shane 02C
Mike Rubesch

Lindsey Hoffner Baron 03BBA
Sarah Byrd 02C 05BSN 06MSN
Ted Karniewicz 00BBA
Mark Odgers 05C 

Mary Ellen Gordon 04B
Mike Phillips 
Annie Schenck 03C 


Brett Kaplan 01C
Christopher Rendall 00C 
Jed Weinstein 98C 

Diana Spock Adebulehin 96C
Dr. Liana Roman Merz 97C
Dr. Jessica Levy Santucci 96C 00A 03A

Dr. Katharine Hughes Eick 93C
Dr. J. William Eley 79C 83M 86MR 90PH
Dr. Alicia Moore Krichev 98C
Troy Thompson 97C


Christine Gallagher Carlton '96C
Kyle Geoghegan '90C
Lisa Kung '91C
Jacki Lin '97C
Doug Markott '94C
Regina Robinson Bone '95C
Paul Schuliger '91C
Peter T.C. Smith

Amy E. Carter ‘97C
Megan E. Bern ‘97C
Penelope England
C. Travis Saacke ‘95B
Sandy J. Tillman
Christopher P. Williams ‘96C

William Troy Bivings 1896C*
Ronald E. Caylor ‘67Ox-‘70C
Margo E. Geller ‘77C
Kendal A. Hansen ‘94C
Edward A. Holmes Jr. ‘52T-‘63PhD
Boris M. Jerkunica ‘85C-‘87G
Richard T. Shappell
Sandra Stein-Belkoff ‘87C

Paul M. Damm '90B
David H. Gaynes '90C
Jeanne T. Hoffman '85C-'89M
Linda Lipson
Gerald B. Lowrey Jr. '81PhD
Amy E. Smith '96B

Terry L. Gorsuch II '91B
Amanda S. Jackson '95C
Dan C. Martin '68C-'72M
Charlotte Squire McCarter '82B
Megan Gibbons Peterson '93C
John D. Thomas '86C-'97G

Richard S. Arwood '91C-'95M
Ely R. Callaway Jr. '40C*
Mary Alice Clower
Julia Voorhees Emmons '73G-'84PhD
Robert D. Sanders '51B*
H. David Short III '70C
Robert D. Simons '83C
John H. Venable '29C-'33M*

Tracey Colvin Allen '89C
Carl Lucene Anderson 1898C*
Scott Jeffrey Cahoon '91C-'95M
Peter S. Elmore '84Ox-'86C
Todd P. Kennedy '92B
Rachael LeClair '90C

Henry Lumpkin Bowden '32C-'34L*
William C. Cromwell '56C*
John Payson Kennedy '54C-'59G
David Grier Martin '33G*
Elizabethe Segars McRae '90C
John M. Morgan '42C-'45M*
Vaughn Nixon 1900C*
Gavin Patrick O'Connell '91C
Emmett Key Perryman '13C*
Christopher Jon Radpour '90B
Thomas A. Rowles '74C

Ralph M. Byers '67C
Robert E. Chappell Jr. '56Ox-'58C-'68MBA*
Alexander Edward Dewar '08C*
Richard Anthony Lewis '86C
Katherine Marshall Moore '91C
Lee C. Palms '91C
S. James Ruddock II '79C
Morris Siegel '37C*
William Carlos Smith '08C*
Marvin L. Thrower 1896C*

Blair B. Ambach-Nadel '88C
Robert M. Chandler '70B-'71G*
Timothy D. Garrett '91C
William Parks Johnson '12C*
A. Gordon Logan '26C*
John W. Maddox '34L*
Oliver Quimby Melton '12C*
Edwin C. Pound Jr. '50C-'54M*
Gerry L. Reece '89C
James E. Strauss '88C
Goodrich C. White '08C*

Thomas Joseph Aliberti '91C*
William Alton Crow '27C-'29L*
Steven E. Gittleson '87C
Martha Judith Greer
Crampton Pierce Harris '18C*
Dillard B. Lasseter '13C*
John David Laub '88C
Clarence "Shorty" Lorentzson '45C-'50G*
Carlos B. Meyer '49C
J. Turner Rockwell '12C*
Ray K. Smathers '22L*
James W. Wilson II '68C

Rache Bell '33C-'36L*
Cherie E. Brusko '88C
William G. Eager III '65C*
Thomas C. Johnson '64G*
Jack A. Lee '29C-'30G-'49D*
R. Bruce Logue '34C-'37M*
W. Clyde Partin Jr. '78C-'83M
W. Asa Porter '05C*
Donald P. Schroer
Robert N. Stokes '15C*
Edward Kimbrough Turner*

George A. Barron '05C*
Christopher B. Conyers '36C-'38L*
Robert D. Crawford '27C-'30M*
Helen Tarver Fennelly '85C
James Park Hanner*
Horace P. Holden '55C
Spessard L. Holland '12C-'43H*
Frank B. Jernigan '49C-'54G*
J.B. Peebles*
Edward J. Shea '44G*
Albert W. Stubbs Jr. '34C-'36L*
W. Stanley Weinkle '43C-'46M*
Robert S. Wiggins '36C-'39L*

Ralph P. Bridges '40B*
Frank Clyde Brown*
W.A. "Squire" Carlton '13C-'20G*
Walter L. Cottingham '40C*
Thomas R. Freeman '39C-'43M
Samuel L. Laird Jr. '33C-'44T-'50G*
J. Harry Lange '31C-'34M*
Roy L. Martino '72C-'76M
Jeff D. McCord '16C*
Virlyn B. Moore '02C*
J. Milton Stockman '28C-'32M*
Carol Seavey Yeatts '78C

George F. Cooper Jr. '41C-'52G*
Julie Ginden Fletcher '85C-'88L
Ernie Harwell '40C*
Cathy J. Hays '73C
Allen M. Logan '29C-'32M*
W. Clyde Partin '50C-'51G*
Albert P. Reichert '36C *
Jeff J. Solem '67Ox-'69C-'72G
Wesley Lane Stokes '22C*
Tigner E. Thrasher '31B*

Derrick Beare '82Ox-'84B
S. Russell Bridges Jr. '33B*
M. Lanier "Sonny" Carter Jr. '69C-'73M*
Bobby Jones '29L*
James Lester '18C-'23G*
Peggy Howard McDonnell '77C-'82G
Thomas E. McDonough Sr.*
Virlyn B. Moore Jr. '31C*
Edward Smyke*
J. Pollard Turman '34C-'35L*

*denotes deceased