• 2019-20 Final Ranking: 18th
  • 2019-20 Final Record: 22-5; 11-3 UAA, t-1st
  • NCAA Tournament Appearances: 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013, 1990
  • NCAA Sweet 16: 2018, 2016, 2015, 2014, 1990
  • NCAA Elite Eight: 2014
  • UAA Championships: 2020, 2019, 2016, 2015, 2013, 1990, 1989

Senior Spotlight: Romin Williams

Senior Spotlight: Romin Williams

The Emory Senior Spotlight Series continues with a look at current student-athlete Romin Williams from the men's basketball team.

Name: Romin Williams

Hometown (HS): Harvey, LA (Metairie Park Country Day)

Sport: Men's Basketball


** Current major?

I will be receiving my bachelors of business administration with a dual concentration of strategy & management consulting and marketing in May.

** How did you start getting involved with basketball? How old were you when you started playing?

I got into the game of basketball when I was only 4 years old when one "Little Tikes" goal did the trick for me. I began my first year of playing in the 6-year-old age group when I was five years old and basketball has been my sole passion in life ever since that age.

** Do you have any current plans for after graduation?

Following graduation, I have plans to participate in a National Basketball Association (NBA) Internship that was initially planned for the summer of 2020 but was cancelled due to covid-19. Following the summer internship plans, I'm currently in the process of deciding in returning to graduate school and completing my final year of athletic eligibility or moving on to begin my professional career.

** What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

Take advantage and cherish the importance of every moment because in the blink of an eye, you'll be at the end. Make sure you put forth maximum effort and care in everything you do because you never know when it could be the last time.

** Which Emory faculty or staff member has made the greatest impact on you and why?

Outside of my coaching staff, one Emory staff member that has made a great impact on me is Ms. Bobbie, one of our main desk attendants in the Woodpec. You may only see Ms. Bobbie once or twice in a normal day as you pass through the Woodpec but it is guaranteed she will make your day tremendously brighter in these short interactions. Her joyfulness, positivity, and empathy has stuck with me throughout my college career to treat others the same way and these short interactions I've had with her in my earlier undergraduate years have transformed into an outstanding relationship. I view her as my family away from home and she is truly an amazing woman.

** What is one class would you retake just for fun and why?

One class I would retake just for fun would definitely be Philosophy 100 taught by George Yancy. The class was much more than philosophy and has applied to everyday life by making me a better innovator, much more understanding of people, and a better thinker as I progress in life.

** What is the most unique thing about your hometown?

I'm from New Orleans so the culture and food is really like no other. Given it's a smaller unique city, it feels like everybody somehow knows each other and the restaurants here are amazing. We also have (used to have) Mardi Gras annually but that could be discussed another time!

** Other than basketball, what is another one you think you could play at a high level?

Growing up, football was my second sport and I was passionate about it, just not as much as I was for basketball. I stopped playing competitively my freshman year of high school to shift my focus to be entirety on hoops but played competitive football from age 7-15. I would say up until about age 14, I trained equally for both sports and excelled on the field as a WR/CB on the majority of the teams I was a part of.

** What is one professional athlete (past or present) would you like to have a conversation with and why?

To name a few, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant, and Usain Bolt. All three of these men have an extraordinary work ethic and have risen to the top in all of their perspective areas. Allen Iverson is one player I've studied growing up in how he used his smaller frame to his advantage and proved to be one of the best scorers in the NBA during his prime. Kobe and Usain both have God given talents and abilities but no one could ever outwork them and that is something I truly admire.

** How have you been trying to occupy your time with given the current COVID environment?

Covid-19 has taught me that time should not be wasted even though your normal life may have come to a halt. I've spent a lot of time recently working at my father's and grandfather's family owned business in hopes of learning all possible knowledge to keep it going one day or beginning my own business. On top of expanding my business knowledge and real-world work experience, I continue to train daily for basketball in hopes of a return to complete my career.

** Food you hate that everybody else seems to enjoy?

Chocolate. For some reason, I can't eat chocolate! I've never had a full Hershey's, Snickers, M&M or anything chocolate related. Yes, it's weird, but for some reason, it's just not my thing.

** What would you say are your top three movies or television shows of all time?

This is the toughest question. Top movie of the last 10 years is definitely "Get Out" by Jordan Peele as I've seen it at least seven separate times. In regards to TV shows, I would say Snowfall, Breaking Bad, Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

** What is your favorite thing to do around Atlanta?

It would be tough for me to say the Atlanta food scene can compete with my hometown, New Orleans, but the food is actually great in Atlanta! I enjoy going to different restaurants with people close to me in Atlanta and often visiting the Buckhead area. Before covid-19, I was a frequent Lenox and Phipps Plaza visitor due to my love for different outfits and shoes.

** What has been your most memorable moment during competition during your Eagles career?

I've had a few memorable moments during my undergraduate career which I'm so thankful for. There's nothing like winning big conference games on the road or NCAA tourney wins. Beating Letourneau by one point in my freshman year to advance to the sweet 16 was a huge moment for me. Seeing the joy on teammates, coaches, fans, etc. was a huge moment for our school. Another memorable moment was knocking down a game winning three pointer against Maryville in OT in our beginning stages of my sophomore season.

** Favorite non-athletic moment from your past few years at Emory?

Outside of simply enjoying hanging out with teammates, two of which became my roommates for two years, I really enjoyed going to the beltline doing community service on a spring day during my junior year. Helping out the community and taking in the great Atlanta weather was definitely a memorable experience!

** What would be one thing you'd like to impart to the underclassmen before finishing your career?

Go hard, be confident, and don't let anyone put limitations on what you can accomplish. If things seem impossible at times, they are not and you must use each other to reach success across the board.