• Three Outdoor National Champions
  • 24 Indoor Individual All-Americans
  • 38 Outdoor Individual All-Americans
  • 3 Indoor UAA Team Championships
  • 8 Outdoor UAA Team Championships

Senior Spotlight: Laura Sheckter

Senior Spotlight: Laura Sheckter

The Emory Senior Spotlight Series continues with a look at current track & field student-athlete Laura Sheckter.

Name: Laura Sheckter

Hometown (HS): Manhattan Beach, CA (Mira Costa)

Sport: Women's Track & Field

Major: Human Health


** How did you start getting involved with track & field? How old were you when you started competing?

I was lucky enough to join the Emory Track and Field team during my freshman year. I had a few friends who were throwers on the team, and they loved it which piqued my interest. 

** Do you have any current plans for after graduation?

I will be going to graduate school in the fall to get my MPH.

** What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

Cherish the moments with your friends because you never know when a global pandemic might occur.

** Which Emory faculty or staff member has made the greatest impact on you and why?

My coach, Luke (Johnson) has made a tremendous difference in my Emory experience. He took a chance on me, having never thrown before, and turned me into the athlete I am today.

** What is one class would you retake just for fun and why?

HLTH 385 Drama Therapy because I took it with four of my good friends and it was just a fun class to take, you never knew what type of improve we would be doing each class.

** What is the most unique thing about your hometown?

People wear sandals 365 days a year.

** What is something that people may not know about you but should?

I love playing the stock market. It has always intrigued me and during the quarantine I have gotten even more into learning and playing the market based off what is going on with the pandemic.

** Other than throwing, what is another sport or activity you think you could play at a high level?

I think I could be good at CrossFit.

** What is one professional athlete (past or present) would you like to have a conversation with and why?

Serena William's tenacity on and off the court has inspired me for many years. I have always looked up to her as an athlete, businesswoman, and leader.

** How have you been trying to occupy your time with given the current COVID environment?

I have been listening to podcasts, going on long walks, and cooking for my family.

** Food you hate that everybody else seems to enjoy?

I really do not like glazed donuts. They seem to always hurt my teeth.

** What would you say are your top three movies or television shows of all time?

1. Curb Your Enthusiasm 2. Fleabag 3. Parks and Recreation

** What is your favorite thing to do around Atlanta?

Walk on the Beltline with my friends and stop at a different restaurant each time.

** What is your favorite Atlanta restaurant?

Parish (RIP)

** What has been your most memorable moment during competition during your Eagles career?

Going to New York for UAAs. All the throwers killed the competition, and it was a great experience to have as a unit.

** Favorite non-athletic moment from your past few years at Emory?

Having the opportunity to work in the Ob/Gyn clinic at the Emory Hospital. I got to witness and be a part of amazing research.

** Favorite team activity or tradition?

Anytime the throwers get together it is a good time.

** What would be one thing you'd like to impart to the underclassmen before finishing your career?

I would like to impart that hard work does pay off, if you're not having fun throwing you are doing something wrong, and to always bet on yourself.