• 2021 Record: 7-5
  • 6 World Series Berths
  • 13 UAA Championships
  • 11 ABCA All-Americans
  • 4 D3Baseball.com All-Americans

Senior Spotlight: Jacob Singer

Senior Spotlight: Jacob Singer

The Emory Senior Spotlight Series continues with a look at current baseball student-athlete Jacob Singer.

Name: Jacob Singer

Hometown (HS): Weston, FL (Pine Crest School)

Sport: Baseball

Major: Business with concentration in finance and real estate


** How did you start getting involved with baseball? How old were you when you started playing? 

Ever since I was two years old, I had a baseball bat in my hands. I played in my local tee ball league in my early years, then moved on to little league coach pitch, then started to play more competitively in travel leagues starting when I was 11. Since then, I knew I wanted to play competitively as long as I possibly could.

** Do you have any current plans for after graduation? 

After I graduate from Emory in May, I will be attending NYU to obtain a MS in Real Estate at the Schack Institute of Real Estate. I will also be continuing my baseball career there and look forward to playing Emory again next year.

** What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

Don't take yourself so seriously. Work hard, stay humble, and learn to welcome the failures and know that things have a funny way of working out.

** Which Emory faculty or staff member has made the greatest impact on you and why? 

Head Coach Mike Twardoski and Jake Forker are the two that have impacted my experience the most at Emory. I owe a lot to Coach T for giving me a chance to continue my academic and athletic career at a great school and preparing me for life beyond Emory.

Athletic trainer Jake Forker has been amazing for the baseball team and the school. He goes above and beyond to not only take care of the athletes, but he is a friend that genuinely cares for your health and safety. Jake has helped me countless times recover from injuries, ranging from minor setbacks to injuries that kept me out of games, but always had my back and made sure I was always 100% when I stepped on the field.

** What is one class would you retake just for fun and why? 

I would retake John Kim's strategic management class. I thought he was an awesome teacher and genuinely liked the material taught in his class.

** What is the most unique thing about your hometown? 

I have alligators in my backyard. Literally.

** Other than baseball, what is another sport you think you could play at a high level? 

With the same level of practice and training as baseball, I think tennis or basketball would be a sport I could play well at a high level.

** What is one professional athlete (past or present) would you like to have a conversation with and why? 

I would have to say now given everything, Kobe Bryant. Not only was he a legend while he was alive, but I think his passing sheds so much light on the perspective necessary to remain mentally tough no matter what comes your way. I believe mentality is just as important, if not more, as physicality, so speaking with somewhat with an unrivaled mindset would be extremely valuable.

** How have you been trying to occupy your time with given the current COVID environment? 

I'm not going to lie, it's been tough. Again, it is important to remember how much you have to be grateful for. With no baseball season or practices in the fall, it was important to train on my own. Now that we have a shortened season this spring, that has occupied almost all of my time, as I have not been really doing much else given the risk of COVID and the potential to miss games.

** Food you hate that everybody else seems to enjoy? 

I absolutely despise soft pretzels. I cannot and will not eat them. That is probably the one thing I refuse to eat.

** What would you say are your top three movies or television shows of all time?

Impractical Jokers

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Good Will Hunting

** What is your favorite thing to do around Atlanta? 

Going to the Beltline, Buckhead, or Ponce City Market are some of the many fun things to do while in Atlanta.

** What is your favorite Atlanta restaurant?

Bistro Niko. It is a French restaurant in Buckhead. If you haven't been you have to go.

** What has been your most memorable moment during competition during your Eagles career? 

I think Mikey Edelman did a great job detailing how we found out our season got canceled and what that led to and the comradery that brought us. However, on a more positive note, I would say my home run against Berry my Junior year or our trip to NYU and playing at Coney Island my Sophomore year was definitely one of the more memorable experiences during my time at Emory.

** Favorite team tradition/activity?

Alumni weekend is a great tradition we have where alumni come to play current players. Then at night we all go and celebrate together. I definitely hope to come back as an alumni and partake with some of my past teammates.

** What would be one thing you'd like to impart to the underclassmen before finishing your career?

Just have fun. Everyone always tells you it goes by fast. Well, it really does, and I wish I had more time. COVID really changed the landscape of the world seemingly overnight, further emphasizing the point of living in the present and enjoying what you have. You never know what's going to be taken away from you at any moment. Through all trials and tribulations, however, there is always a silver lining and that is something that I hope underclassmen come to realize as they continue at Emory and after. I am beyond grateful for the memories I have made here, the friends I have made, and even the mistakes I've made that I wish I could take back. Through it all, I hope to become a better person once I graduate and take what I've learned into the future to live a life of happiness, health, and love.