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  • 12-time National Champions
  • 38 Individual National Championships
  • 29 Relay National Championships
  • 144 Individual All-Americans
  • 28 UAA Championships
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Senior Spotlight: Lucy Daro

Senior Spotlight: Lucy Daro

The Emory Senior Spotlight Series continues with a look at current student-athlete Lucy Daro from the women's swimming & diving team.

Name: Lucy Daro

Hometown (HS): Mill Valley, CA (San Francisco University HS)

Sport: Women's Swimming & Diving

Major: Business and QSS


** How did you start getting involved with swimming? How old were you when you started competing?

My mom signed me up for swim lessons at our local pool when I was five. My coach convinced me to join the summer-league team that year, and I was so slow they had to hold up practice just so I could make it across the pool.

** Do you have any plans for after graduation?

I will be working for Citigroup in New York!

** What is one piece of advice you would give to your freshman self?

You don't have to know what you want to do or what your path through college will be. The best part of college is figuring things out along the way and learning from your mistakes! Also, your friends and teammates will be the best resources you have to figure things out.

** Which Emory faculty or staff member has made the greatest impact on you and why?

All my coaches--Jon, John, Bob, and Cindy—have made my athletic experience amazing. I have also gotten close with Professor Burdette in her BLAW class and after as her TA. She is very smart and fun to work with.

** What is one class would you retake just for fun and why?

Corporate Finance with Clifton Green just to hear all his jokes again.

** What is the most unique thing about your hometown?

I live in Marin County, just over the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco, and we are incredibly fortunate to have beaches, mountains, and a bay all in our backyard. It's the best.

** What is something that people may not know about you but should?

I wear men's deodorant (it's not weird… it smells good.)

** Other than the swimming, what is another one you think you could play at a high level?

I'm planning to do triathlons after college. I think I'd be okay because I've been biking with my dad since I was young, and I recently started running (thanks to the pandemic closing pools) and I've gotten alright at that as well. The swimming part is easy.

** What is one professional athlete (past or present) would you like to have a conversation with and why?

Brett Favre. I don't know… picking a swimmer felt too easy, so I picked Mr. Favre. My dad is a huge Packers fan, so I grew up hearing his name and his accomplishments. It would be cool to learn from such a successful athlete.

** How have you been trying to occupy your time with given the current COVID environment?

I've been getting really into outdoor activities like mountain biking, backpacking, hiking, and running. I've had a lot of fun exploring the outdoor opportunities in and around Atlanta as well as near my hometown.

** Food you hate that everybody else seems to enjoy?

I used to hate peanut butter, but I've since seen the light.

** What would you say are your top three movies or television shows of all time?

New Girl, Catch Me If You Can, and I'm currently watching Breaking Bad. It's pretty good.

** What is your favorite thing to do around Atlanta?

I love biking and running through Piedmont Park and the Beltline.

** What has been your most memorable moment during competition during your Eagles career?

The 400 Medley Relay at Nationals in 2019 was incredible. We were not favored to win that race, but Fiona Muir (legend) dove off my fly leg significantly behind and swam an epic 100 free to barely out-touch our rival school Denison. All of Emory Swim and Dive lost our minds when she won, but when we and the official tried to pull Fiona out of the pool for the post-race interview, she didn't even know she had won the race! That's how close it was! It was an amazing moment.

** Favorite non-athletic moment from your past few years at Emory?

The many hours I've spent sitting in the DUC with my team after really tough practices eating and chatting and laughing.

** What would be one thing you'd like to impart to the underclassmen before finishing your career?

Emory Swim and Dive (and Emory University) is amazing because of all the wonderful and unique individuals that make up the team. When you can bring your full, crazy, weird self to this team and appreciate everyone else in all their crazy weirdness, you will thrive. If there's one thing we've learned from 2020, it's to savor every moment we have with this team, so I encourage underclassmen to get to know what makes each of their teammates special and enjoy their time with this incredible collection of people.